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A probation violation occurs when you fail to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by the judge who gave you probationary punishment in lieu of jail time. Being accused of violating probation is a serious matter that calls for the services of a capable defense attorney. You could be facing the termination of your probation, resulting in a jail sentence appropriate to your original offense and, thus, a loss of your freedom.

If you have been accused of violating your probation in any way, you can turn to Law Offices of Laura D. Siemers, a criminal defense firm that has been defending clients throughout Brevard County since 2003. Our Melbourne probation violation lawyer has decades of criminal defense experience. Because of this sole focus, we are well-versed in how the local courts operate, how to deconstruct cases in search of favorable evidence, and how to make compelling arguments on your behalf.

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What Is Considered a Violation of Probation in Florida?

You can violate your probation in various ways, such as:

  • Failing to show up for appointments with your probation officer
  • Getting arrested for a new criminal offense
  • Failing to complete a diversion program
  • Failing to pass a required drug trust
  • Failing to fully complete substance abuse counseling or treatment or some other court-ordered counseling or treatment
  • Failing to obtain or maintain employment
  • Failing to keep up with financial obligations, such as restitution, court costs, or more, as ordered by the court

What Happens if You Violate Probation for the First Time in Florida?

If you violate probation for the first time in Florida, you may face an extension of probation. In addition, whenever the criminal offense is a minor charge, you may be required by a judge to perform more community service or attend a rehabilitation program.

In such cases, the standard of proof required to find you guilty is much lower than that for other criminal cases. If by a “preponderance of evidence” you are found in violation, you will face the discretion of the court as to penalties.

Can a Probation Violation Be Dismissed in Florida?

Yes, this lower standard of proof lets you explain to the court what occurred and why revoking your probation would be inappropriate. A Melbourne probation violation attorney can make these arguments to the judge on your behalf to give you the best possible chance of getting your probation violation dismissed.

Get seasoned legal representation from a Melbourne probation violation attorney by contacting us at (321) 218-5512.

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