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With over 20 years of experience, Attorney Laura Siemers is a well-respected litigator, defending clients in Brevard county and throughout Central Florida

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Fighting Tirelessly for the Accused throughout Brevard County, Florida

Facing a criminal charge of any kind is a situation that no one wants to experience. However, if you are under arrest in Brevard County on any charge, it is vital to know your legal rights and what you can do in this situation.

A Brevard County criminal defense attorney is an essential asset if you plan to fight criminal charges against you. Whether you have broken the law or faced wrongfully accused charges of a crime, you did not commit it. Therefore, legal representation is crucial when defending your rights.

Some Brevard County lawyers dabble in many practice areas. But when criminal charges in Melbourne, FL threaten your future, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney who really knows the criminal defense system in order to aggressively protect your rights.

At the Law Offices of Laura D. Siemers, our Brevard County law firm practice is 100% focused on criminal defense.

An accomplished Melbourne criminal defense attorney, Laura Siemers has zealously defended our Melbourne-based clients against misdemeanor and felony charges for more than 20 years and has practiced in Brevard County, Florida since 2002.

One of our counsel defense lawyers, Lillian Clover, has extensive legal experience as well and speaks Spanish.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you should hire a criminal defense attorney is very essential. Preferably, it would be nice to have an attorney at the time of the arrest.

However, that is not possible, so it is highly recommended that you should attempt to contact an attorney as soon as possible after you are released from your arrest.

If you or loved ones are facing crimes in the Melbourne area, call (321) 218-5512 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a Melbourne criminal defense attorney. Our law firm are available by telephone 24 hours a day.

Whether you were arrested for drunk driving (DUI), charged with a drug crime, or have been accused of any other crime in the city of Melbourne, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Prosecutors and arresting officers can use anything you say against you in the courtroom, so you should not talk to anyone without your attorney present.

Visit our criminal lawyer reviews to see why clients choose us when they're looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Melbourne, FL.

The Benefits of Having a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer On Your Side

It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer after getting arrested. A qualified criminal lawyer in Melbourne will understand the intricacies of your legal case, and provide you with sound advice on how to navigate the legal process.

They can also work with prosecutors to negotiate a plea deal which may result in reduced charges or penalties. In addition, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be knowledgeable about any pre-trial motions that could suppress evidence, as well as be familiar with the legal precedents set in your jurisdiction.

A Melbourne criminal lawyer will help you file for bail and provide additional information about other court proceedings such as arraignment hearings, trial dates, and plea deals. Furthermore, they may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf, help you understand the ramifications of a conviction, or identify issues with the prosecution’s case that could result in a dismissal or acquittal.

Ultimately, having an experienced defense attorney represent your interests can make all the difference when facing criminal charges. That is why our legal team at the Law Offices of Laura D. Siemers is ready to protect your rights and freedom inside and outside the courtroom.

Caring for You & Your Family  We know that every case has a ripple effect. Our team is here to support 
you and your family throughout this process. We will passionately defend 
your case and compassionately care for your future.

We Fight for Your Freedom & Your Future

Attorney Laura Siemers has defended clients against felony and misdemeanor charges for more than 20 years in Brevard County.

When your freedom and your reputation are at stake, let us fight for you.

Our Melbourne criminal defense attorneys will do everything we can to have your case dismissed or, if that is not possible, the sentence reduced.

With extensive trial experience, we know Florida’s criminal defense system.

Whether you are a local, business traveler, or vacationer, we can guide you through the legal process and fight for you and your future.

We are dedicated to standing up for defendants’ rights, including those of both first-time offenders and repeat offenders.

Contact our criminal defense lawyer in Melbourne, Florida today for a free consultation.

Put Our Experience on Your Side

When you work with Law Offices of Laura D. Siemers, you get a team you can trust. Here, we will always be honest with you.

We will quote your legal fee upfront and discuss possible outcomes during your initial consultation.

We will take the time to listen to your concerns and give you an honest assessment of your situation.

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If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Brevard County, contact Law Offices of Laura D. Siemers to schedule a free consultation. We are available around the clock to address your concerns. We have reasonable fees and accept credit cards.

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